Why I left the UK for a life in Spain

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Why I left the UK for a life in Spain

Deciding to leave the UK wasn´t an easy decision even though it was an obvious choice.  In this Spotlight interview with Sonia Brown MBE, founder of the National Black Women´s Network, I talk about the challenges and the reason I left the UK for a life in Spain.  Read the full interview here. 

“Leaving the community was my biggest challenge. I also felt I may become too disconnected from my own culture.

The reason for that was the area of Spain I initially moved to did not have a large percentage of Black people from my background, or English speakers.”

I didn´t know what would change but I did know that change is the only constant life brings.  An empowered mindset and route in personal development has helped me make the most of life. You can be placed anywhere in the world and thrive (or fail) based on what you have fed your thoughts. 

“If you plan for anything it must be ‘what to do in the event of change;’ whether that is in your industry or your personal life.”

Thank you Sonia, for including me in the NWBN Spotlight. 

Founded in 1999, the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN) is a agenda-driven organisation dedicated to increasing the representation, progression and inclusion of women of colour in all sectors of business, professions and government.

The NBWN supports its members by providing dynamic initiatives through network support, leadership, mentoring and access to events featuring industry leaders.

In addition, the NBWN provides the ideal platform for women to develop strong professional and social contacts; high quality training and education programmes; plus, national recognition.


Source: NWBN Spotlight

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