Why black women need to Think and Grow Rich


Why black women need to Think and Grow Rich

In this interview we talked about my journey towards becoming a Think and Grow Rich trainer.  Oneness asked me why so many systems in the New Thought movement are presented through the white male. Is there a space in personal development for black women in the UK?

When I first started studying personal development I was looking for someone that looked like me, to resonate with  so they could teach me from a place that IU understood. After looking and not finding her I thought, why not me. The black woman from a council estate on South London. I needed a me, and now I am being her for the me´s that follow. 

“I know it is a controversial thing to say but I believe there are no mistakes. Everything in life is leading you towards the thing you are focused on achieving.”

I shared my journey into the study of Think and Grow Rich and my experience of becoming a student. It took 4 chapters for me to really understand the science of success. I continue to study it as every time I pick up the book I receive a new insight. 

“I realised i was not only to read Think and Grow Rich but to study it. I had to move from being the reader of the book to a student of a philosophy.” On average a millionaire has studied this book 14 times over. 

Thank you very much to Oneness Sankara for inviting me to join you on the Purpose Podcast. Click here to listen to more episodes. 


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