How using your women´s intuition (inner-tuition) empowers you to abundance.


How using your women´s intuition (inner-tuition) empowers you to abundance.

Sometimes you look back through your life and it has flown by so fast you don´t realise how much you have accomplished.  We talked about the origins of Words Of Wisdom and flowed with some beautiful spiritual analogies on growth. 

“Your intuition is your Inner-Tuition. A woman´s intuition is extraordinary, we are often natural nurturers, we love to give. So women are given this psychic sense to connect you with the Divine source; and it fills you with the energy to share.  When you are not connected, you become drained.”

This interview took place at the start of the pandemic, listen to how this affects us as women. 

“I am remember sitting in darkness, as though in the soil. A seed unaware of it´s potential to grow. The seed was cultivated because someone spoke life into me.   A seed allows itself to be carried towards the light so we can grow into our true Self.”

Thank you very much to Cheri Gillings for inviting me to join you on the Satday Soup for the Sistas Soul. Click here to listen to more episodes. 


Source: Satday Soup for the Sistas Soul

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