A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Who I AM

“Sophia Bailey-Larsen is a Vision Creation Mentor and Inspirational Trainer. She shares her personal brand of self development for the spiritually minded.”

I started out as a teenage Mum on a council estate and personal development transformed my life by helping me see what’s possible when you master your mind and focus on your vision.

I have been studying Napoleon Hill ́s work for over a decade and have trained over 7,000 women worldwide on what it takes to create wealth from a definite purpose.

As well as being one of the first British Napoleon Hill Certified Leadership Instructors, I have been recognised as one of the 50 most influential Black Entrepreneurs in the UK. (click here for full bio)

What I DO

Think and Grow Rich Trainer

I am one of the first British Napoleon Hill certified leadership instructors and one of the leading trainers on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Ranking among the top in global online searches.

I offer free training via my social media platforms, search for @thesophiabailey to take part or join my Facebook Group, Think and Grow Rich Mastery for updates and to be part of a like minded community of Think and Grow Rich fans.

Vision Creation Mentor

I have been offering vision creation mentoring for women in business for over a decade. Following a series of 7 lessons, that I have trialled and tested in my own life – I teach the philosophy that allows you to create a vision fuelled by definite purpose. You can take part in the Vision Creation Mastermind by application, please contact me to talk about your vision.

Spiritual Teacher

Naturally gifted with the psychic senses of clairsentience and intuitive ability, I integrate this with my mentoring work by offering an intuitive discovery session. This allows you to bring to the surface, the words that may have been buried and clarity on your next steps.

In addition, I sometimes incorporate vibrational healing as a Certified Hoóponono Practioner, Advanced Colour Therapist, and Certified Meditation Teacher.

Inspirational Intuitive Speaker

I am a messenger of life´s wisdom, channeling inspired messages and in the past 15 years as a speaker, I have never once repeated a talk. I am inspired to speak, in that moment, to the hearts of the listener. The fact that my maiden name, Sophia Bailey, means Wisdom Messenger, is no mistake.

If you would like me to speak to your community, please contact me.

Best Selling co-Author

I am a co-author of the international best selling book, Journeys to Success. Which features authors who success was inspired by the work of Napoleon Hill. I share the story from from teen mum to successful entrepreneur, recognising along the way that every adversity left a seed of opportunity. Read more about Perfectly On Purpose here.

Featured Documentary Expert

I am one of the featured speakers in an upcoming movie documentary about Think and Grow Rich. This is why I do what I do, from the heart.



what you see.

Can you visualise your dream life, in detail. Despite your current situation?

to do this will move you towards the insights and opportunities that bring riches.


what you feel.

e-motion is everything – it puts the energy we consist of in motion allowing you to send and receive the physical manifestation of your dominant thoughts.


what you learn.

Wisdom is what happens when you let go of the pain and retain the lesson.

There are truly no mistakes, every lesson is in your life to serve you. you are Perfectly On Purpose.


what you do.

Wealth is a measure of your time.

I will show you how to create wealth in every area of your life and the exact amount of money it will take to make it happen.