SUCCESS MAP Mental Accountability Plan

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SUCCESS MAP Mental Accountability Plan

The Mental Accountability Plan for Your Success

Three times a year, I teach women to Think and Grow Rich, together.

We focus on a single excerpt from one of the first and best selling personal development books by the author Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Together with a daily video based on that months theme, you can begin to not only read, nor study but to live the principles of success. To find out more about the 13 Steps towards Riches, click on a Principle in the TAG Cloud below.

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Here are some of the messages I have received since we started.

Principles of success are based on 20 years of studying the worlds wealthiest people, but it is not just about making money, they can be applied to any area of your life.

My goal is to help 1,000 woman think and grow rich so they can transform their lives for the better and become inspiratonial role models for others.

If you’d like to join me, you’d be most welcome. Women have joined from all over the world since I started and the sisterhood is so positive!

Here’s how to join the Success MAP broadcast list.

  • Messages are sent via WhatsApp as a direct broadcast and not a group. This means that you get an individual message direct to your phone instead of loads of annoying group notifications.
  • For 3 weeks, you receive a morning message as well as a downloadable image you can share on your story or save as a thought for the day. I record a personal video message to you each day and also send you the video link to watch it via whatsapp.
  • You only receive messages on weekdays, we are all busy with life and this leaves the weekend free to relax or replay the weeks messages.
  • If you miss any days, you can check the calendar on this site from the success map menu for the most recent post or the entire months calendar.

Just click here to join my free WhatsApp broadcast list. and I will send you a direct message when I run the next Success MAP. See you there!

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