I believe that the best way to change your life, is to master your mind. No matter your background, success, wealth and happiness are possible for you.

Wisdom On Wealth is about sharing the Wisdom of Napoleon Hill, the Wealth I’ve gained from living it and how to apply Success Principles so you can transform your life.
Married to a Norwegian, Mum to a 27, 23 and 1 year old. I enjoy speaking and writing about success and self development for spiritually minded women.
My story is featured in the book Journeys to Success, an international best selling book containing the stories of people inspired by the success principles of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. If you don’t know about Think and Grow Rich, discover more with my free daily Success M.A.P - Monthly Accountability Plan where I teach you one TGR principle every day.
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SUCCESS MAP Monthly Accountability Plan
Message for Today Thought by thought, word by word and day by day – you feed your mind and shape your world. Everything you fear, can be overcome by having the courage to change your mind. Watch The Video FEAR...
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