Positive Creation


Positive Creation

Message for Today

One thing that the flow of thought impulses and the influence of The Subconscious Mind have in common, is that both are constant.  Constant thoughts require constant e-motional responses so today we are looking at the 14 energies that direct our thought flow. 

Please remember with the many thoughts you’re exposed to in this challenging time. That to focus on your desire is not selfish but selfless, by achieving your goals you inspire others with the possibility of achievement.

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What thought forms are reaching your mind?

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Comment of the Day

Chapter 12 Excerpt

For the present, it is sufficient if you remember that you are living daily, in the midst of all manner of thought impulses which are reaching your subconscious mind, without your knowledge. Some of these impulses are negative, some are positive.

You are now engaged in trying to help shut off the flow of negative impulses, and to aid in voluntarily influencing your subconscious mind, through positive impulses of DESIRE.

When you achieve this, you will possess the key which unlocks the door to your subconscious mind. Moreover, you will control that door so completely, that no undesirable thought may influence your subconscious mind.