Who is Sophia?

Sophia Bailey-Larsen

Who is Sophia?

Have you ever felt like you were destined to make a global impact? Well like you, Intuitive Wealth Creation Mentor, Sophia Bailey always knew she had the potential to be successful. Raised by a hard working Mother, seeds of determination were planted within her from a young age.

Sophia began adulthood as a lone teenage Mother living on a council estate. This brought its’ share of adversity but driven by the desire to be a successful role model for her daughters,  she vowed to leave the hardships behind and provide the lifestyle she knew was possible.

Sophia trained herself as an accountant and worked in this industry for over a decade reaching the top of her field before being made redundant without warning. The shock of losing a lifestyle she worked so hard to achieve led to the decision to take her success into her own hands by becoming her own boss. She began her entrepreneurial journey in the home based business industry and  discovered the true meaning of ‘fail your way to success’.  Bad business decisions impacted her health, her relationship and almost caused her to lose her home. She realised that the majority of people fail in business because they allow the pain of failure to cause them to give up before they reach their dreams, she would not allow herself to become one of them.

The name Sophia Bailey, when translated means Sophos Baiulus, literally meaning ‘Wisdom Messenger’.  Sophia says “Wisdom is when you let go of the pain and retain the lesson”. She believes that everything she has been through was in order to overcome, find the lesson and share it with others. She says “You name it, I’ve been through it, learning the lessons the hard way, but learning them nevertheless.There are no mistakes. Now I understand my past was a passage to who I have become, a messenger of life’s Wisdom.

Sophia founded the (PPSN) Positive People with Skills Network after losing her job. The PPSN mission was to Educate, Empower and create Leadership so that people with vision would have the right networks and develop the mindset necessary to become successful. She begun speaking at events about the PPSN mission to share a vision for generational wealth creation. Unlike other public speakers, Sophia has a desire to have a conversation with rather than speak at her audience. Her down to earth speaking style and heartfelt passion for community empowerment attracted opportunities for her to learn from some of the worlds wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Asked to become the wealth coach for a leading training company in 2007, she learned the wealth creation traits and strategies of millionaires.  She was then head hunted as the outreach arm of the Voice Newspaper where she travelled throughout the UK and as far as Africa to speak at events on their behalf. She increased subscribers to the paper by applying her own value strategies to their packages and ran workshops for subscribers and business owners on wealth creation.  She knew that the words we speak were instrumental in affecting our lives and so began writing an inspirational newspaper column based on her own life experiences called, Words Of Wisdom (WOW). The positive feedback from readers showed a need for  these heartfelt messages and so she went on to run WOW The Seminar series, sharing insights in to the World Of Wealth (WOW) creation as a spiritual journey and a way of life that starts in the mind.

As a trainer and mentor, Sophia proved the financial aspect of her WOW strategies in the field of direct sales where her organisation generated over $1 million in revenue as well as producing multiple 5 and 6 figure income earners, a rarity in the UK.  She is now a member of private networks that allow access to some of the worlds wealthiest people and continues to invest in herself and work on her own personal development. She offers wealth creation mentoring to brilliant entrepreneurs, visionary community leaders and influential business owners as a way of empowering future generations.

As an inspirational speaker, Sophia has touched the lives of thousands of people and is humbled by the opportunity to bring value to your audience. Her personal approach has provoked comments among attendees such as:

“The event made me really think about who I am and who I want to become.”

“As you spoke you spoke with passion the love came out.”

“She spoke with clarity and from the heart and the young people were moved and motivated by what she had to say.”

“I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I had come to receive something. The useful nuggets that I can build on to become the true me.”

“You were definitely one of the highlights of the event.”

Sophia speaks on several topics with the core message that no matter who you are today, you have a unique gift that can impact the world for future generations, find your Wisdom, More Is Within You.

Sophia has been interviewed on radio and TV. She was listed in the 2009 Black History Month edition of Ninety Ninety magazine as one of six of the most influential people in Black Britain.  In 2011 she was hand selected to become a UK founder member of a global wealth creation movement using Organo Gold as a vehicle.

All of the above lead to the launch of her personal mission and vision, Project 50K which will impact 50,000 entrepreneurial wealth creators over the next 20 years and mark the beginning of a generational wealth legacy via StarBound Solutions, The Training Company for Brilliant Entrepreneurs launched by Sophia in 2014. Sophia shares the 7 Essential Lessons that Every Entrepreneur Must Know about Creating Wealth via her workshops, webinars, mentoring sessions and her highly anticipated book.

Sophia’s proudest achievements are her daughters who have grown to be successful in their own right.

Sophia loves reading, travelling and the colour orange. She lives in the UK with her daughters and the newest addition to the family, their cat Lucy-Bella.