The VISION CREATION MASTERMIND for Success Conscious Women

The VISION CREATION MASTERMIND for Success Conscious Women

Welcome Lady! Congrats on taking action and welcome to your mastermind 😀

This programme was especially created for you if :

  • you are working mostly by yourself and need support
  • you need the next steps to success instead of figuring it all out alone
  • you believe in the philosophy of achievement but not sure how to put it into practice
  • you are committed to a lifelong investment in mental mastery

We Are Consciously Creating The Future

Growth is a Lifelong Process

Every month we will work to create the life you desire to live through a combination of success principles and business strategies that adapt and grow with you along the way.

Week 1 – Business Training

Using the 7 Lessons that every Entrepreneur must know about creating wealth, as a foundation. You will have access to training videos of the first 4 lessons of The Vision Creation Experience and clear, actionable exercises you can apply to your own business, even if you haven’t yet started one.

Lesson 1 – The Wealth Equation Workshop – Unlocked on Day 1

Lesson 2 – Turning Connections to Customers – Unlocked on Month 2

Lesson 3 – Packaging Your Brilliance – Unlocked in Month 3

Lesson 4 – Mastering Your Message – Unlocked in Month 4

Lesson 5 – The Seminar on Systems – Stand Alone weekend training

Lesson 6 – The Millionaire Money Plan – Stand Alone 30 day training

Lesson 7 – Words Of Wisdom Legacy – Stand alone 7 day training

Week 2 – Live Q & A

Submit any business related questions in advance and they will be answered in this live training. You can choose to join live or watch the recorded replay later. You will also have access to all past questions, this will of course grow to a sizeable archive of wisdom over time and you can access this any time as a member of The Vision Creation Mastermind.

Week 3 – Mindset Mastery

The way we think is as important if not moreso, than the actions we take. Our mindset mastery will follow the principles of the work by Napoleon Hill, The (17) Laws of Success, from the spiritual/universal perspective that I often bring to my training. You won’t find anything like this, anywhere on the web.

Week 4 – Live Q & A

Ask about anything related to your success, doesn’t have to be about business it could be any area of your life. You have the chance to share the platform, share results or lessons learned from the month as well as set a vision for the months ahead. This is the opportunity to truly mastermind, create and grow together.

Questions from the Ladies (Will continue to update)

Can I still do this if I am working with a coach?

Yes, actually being supported by your coach can make this more powerful for you as this is a group programme and not 121. What I am offering is training and mentoring, from my own experiences of teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, to save you the time, energy and money of learning this the hard way. Do you need to have an extra coach, NO Lady, we got this! but if you have one, it won’t prevent you from being in this mastermind.

Can I pay by bank transfer instead of paypal?

Yeah of course no problem – Email me for bank info and set up a standing order.

Will I still have access if I am unable to pay?

Like any subscription, you get what you pay for Lady BUT unlike any other, this one is run by me. So I have set up the paypal to keep you in the programme (without access to the archives) for up to 2 months if you are unable to pay. Missed payments won’t roll over but after 3 months, paypal will kick you out of the programme :’-( That being said, this is about being success conscious – I encourage you to document your journey along the way – miraculous things are about to happen in all areas of your life.

Okay, without much further ado – It is just £50 a month (until Dec 2020) my lowest offering ever – click the button below, complete the first payment and let’s get this started! I will start work on your Vision Creation Checklist (worth £97) as soon as you are in 😀

Until then, bye for now! SBL