Success MAP Registration

Success MAP Registration

Let´s use Think and Grow Rich principles to create an inspirational message, even if you are terrified of what people might say.

Join me Live from Monday 4 October to Friday 22 October for the next edition of the Success MAP. It´s a Mental Accountability Plan for your success.

This edition is focused on women with a message to share. We will work together for 3 weeks, studying excerpts from the book, Think and Grow Rich while focused on powerfully creating the message you are passionate about sharing.

The Success MAP content is delivered via WhatsApp broadcast. Directly from me to you. 💕

Week 1 – What are you ready for?

We cover the first five chapters to delve deeper into what you want to create and how to reach it.

Week 2 – Plan, practise and persist…

In the next five chapters you will develop the plan and the mindset to deliver your message.

Week 3 – The magic in your message.

Finally we look into the mystery of your message to reveal it´s magic to you and the world.

Link opens in WhatsApp. See you there!

What you will receive.

I channel and record a video message to you based on a single excerpt of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It´s purpose is to encourage you to share your own message, no matter what is currently holding you back. The success MAP empowers you to find the inspiration to transform yourself and others.

Each weekday you will receive access to my video message to you and a written excerpt from think and grow rich. You will have access for 48 hours and also the option to get lifetime access with worksheet if you would like time to delve deeper.

Messages are sent directly to your phone via WhatsApp broadcast. (Not group chat) You will receive a link taking you straight to the content.

There are no messages sent on the weekends, giving you time to balance this mental exercise with mental rest needed to embody and receive fresh energy.

Register free to take part in the Success MAP – I look forward to welcoming you.

Link opens in WhatsApp. See you there!

Here´s what women like you said last time on the Success MAP.

Come join me Lady, I can´t wait to hear what you say. 🙂