The Vision Creation Experience

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey-Larsen

The Wealth Equation Workshop™

Build A Foundation for Wealth Creation. Having the courage to follow your purpose is the foundation of your success. Let me share the secret of success that most people never achieve.

This workshop covers discoveries in science, then explores the maths, philosophy and metaphysical principles that stem from one core spiritual belief. You will discover how to apply the wealth equation to manifest success in every area of your life.

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey-Larsen

Turning Connections into Customers™

Serving everyone is serving no one. You need to know exactly who you are opening the doors for.

In this course you get 100% clear on who your
target market is, how and where to find
your them & set up a CMS to manage your list.

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey Larsen

Packaging your Brilliance™

When value is everything, the price becomes nothing. When the right customer enters, make sure you have something of value to offer.

In this course you will know what valuable solutions
to offer your target market. You will then create a range of solutions and price them.

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey Larsen

Mastering Your Message™

Who you are is what you speak. Be in control of how you appear to the outside world.

In this course, you will know what to say about your business when networking online or offline.

The Vision Creation with Sophia Bailey Larsen

The Seminar on Systems™

Discover how to continue what you started. Systems stop your empire from collapsing and help to protect what you have built.

This is a one day training to ensure that you always hear about the latest systems. in this course you have a list of time saving tools and systems, set up for your business and you know how to use them. (webinars, email, social media, automated content and accounting)

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey Larsen

The Millionaire Money Plan™ (Jan 2022)

Know the numbers. What you fail to manage will leave your life, you need to know the numbers that make every day ideal.

I run this 30 day advanced manifestation only once a year. You have a clear written ‘love list’
of what you want from your life, a clear vision of what it will look like and you can calculate exactly what activity it takes to live your ideal life.

The Vision Creation Experience with Sophia Bailey Larsen

Wisdom on Webinars™

The final step is legacy. Leave a legacy of wealth creation for future generations to follow in your footsteps.

On completion of this 7 day course, you will be clear on what you want your legacy to be. You will have a 30 minute talk, scripts and slides, plus confidence in using the latest technology so you can share your inspirational journey to success.

Think & Grow Rich Guided Study™

Long before I became a Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor, I studied Think and Grow Rich for 15 months, reading each chapter over and over again and documenting my journal. Since then, I have achieved everything i set my mind to and I am now opening access to my journal alongside, relevant excerpts, audio guidance and journal prompts so you can condense my 15 month study into 30 days of Think and Grow Rich.

Group Mentoring

The Vision Creation Mastermind for Women

Using the 7 Lessons that every Entrepreneur must know about creating wealth, as a foundation. You will have access to key training from The Vision Creation Vault as well as clear, actionable exercises you can apply to your own business, even if you haven’t yet started one.

The Science of Success Six Month Mastermind

This mastermind is for serious Think and Grow Rich students who would like to delve deeper into the science of success and it´s application in modern life. We will cover the 17 Laws of Success as a study combining discussion, activities and application.

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