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Is it time to reveal the wisdom in your lesson?

“Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.” Baltasar Gracian

I remember speaking at an open mic for the first time.. Even though I’m a public speaker, and I’ve spoken in front of hundreds revealing my inner self in this way wasn’t something I thought I would ever do. I did it because wanted to share and release the painful buried memories that no one had yet heard, things I would have rather forgotten.

As a speaker, your past mess is your powerful message so courage is essential.

When you open your life up, you allow people to judge you based on your past but without opening up, it is hard to reveal the wisdom in the message.

As I stood up there, I was shaking with nervousness, the freedom I felt at the end of my talk was one of the most elevating emotions I have ever felt. My story touched people, let them see their lessons and gave me the courage to continue sharing.

Like many people, I moved through life, repeating the same painful cycles but never becoming any wiser. You become wise as a result of your past experience only when you are courageous. You can be an inspiration to others by being not just what you do, but who you really are.

Wisdom is what happens when you let go of the pain and retain the lesson.

If you have truly learnt something in life, don’t let your pain stop you from being an inspiration. When we begin to release the pain, the lesson becomes clear and the more courageously you can do this, the freer you will become.


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