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Does your value shine bright like a diamond?

“No pressure, no diamond.” Thomas Carlyle

This week I’ve been thinking about the value we place on ourselves and the way people treat us. We complain that people take us for granted but if you are repeatedly being mis-valued, who is responsible?

Imagine a loved one saying they saw this item and thought it reminded them of you. You look at it and it is a rough grey stone. How would you feel, what would you think, say and do with it?

The Diamond Standard by Sophia Bailey

Imagine them giving you a flawless diamond and ask your self the same questions.

All diamonds start their journey as a rough grey stone but in time they become polished and valuable. After everything you have experienced on your journey, if you believe you are a stone, people treat you as if they have received a stone and they act accordingly.

Diamond experts look at 4 main things.

Cut – Diamonds are cut into different shapes according to the nature of the rough stone

Carat – Diamonds are graded out of a 100 but bigger doesn’t mean better. Diamonds of fine quality can be found in all shapes and sizes.

Clarity – Years of pressure form flaws but in a flawless diamond, nothing interferes with the passage of light through it

Colour – A flawless diamond reflects all light coming in, to a rainbow on the way out

Your morals, standards, language, mindset and actions etc.. form facets that reflect your value towards others. Choose to become nothing less than the diamond standard.

Our journeys CUT us in to individuals but a perceived better journey, doesn’t mean a higher CARAT. Let nothing interfere with the CLARITY of the light that God shines through you and resonate a world of COLOUR and value.

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