The Scale Up Programme




Scale Up your activity to achieve your vision in every area of your life. Learn about the right content, utilise marketing tools, manifest your key outcomes and master the psychology behind your sales strategy. In this programme, your required marketing tools are included.

This online programme is lead by myself, Sophia Bailey and my partner Rune Larsen who is the digital marketing and funnel optimisation expert behind the success of multi-millionaire business owners. We will share what we know to take you from Brilliant Entrepeneur to Building Your Empire.

The first mission in this programme is to help you attract 100 qualified leads online and so you can measure the conversation rates from those who see your content to those who opt in and go on to purchase a product or service from you. Understanding these numbers enables you to scale up your business to fit your vision. Our mission is to help you reach your goal.

The Scale Up programme includes the following:

– Solution Focused Marketing

(Includes Custom Content Wizard & Webinars OnAir)

Using the wizard in our initial content consultation I will give you a list of the 24 best topics and titles specific to your business, so you know exacly what your ideal client is searching for to create blogs, articles, videos and webinars and how to create it.

– e-Marketing Lists (Includes aWeber Autoresponder List)

We will set up a list for you to automatically follow up with 100 prospects. During our monthly videos we will discuss your seasonal offer and the psychology to use to share offers that make you sales without selling.

– Lead Capture Page and Marketing Funnel (Includes Click Funnels)

We will up set up 3 pages + the domains, to get leads for your products and services. You will have an article site, a video lead capture page and a product sale page. Your marketing funnel will help guide your ideal clients from your giveaway through to your range of products and services.

– Workshop Planning

Learn the structure to plan and deliver a saleable workshop. This helps provide viable solutions within your market and increase your authority.

– Seminar Planning

Discover how to create and use your signature talk to sell product from the front of the room and build your following at professional seminars and large events.

– Monthly Hangout

On this online hangout we will talk about the latest marketing tools, techniques and strategies used by leading online experts and the different ways of utilising them in your business without the jargon.


Your initial investment is £100 a month which includes your required marketing tools for as long as you are on the programme. For any questions about the Scale Up programme please send a message at