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What if every part of your life was your destiny?

“There’s no such thing as chance, what seems to us the merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny”. Friedrich Schiller

A while ago I had lunch with an old flame that I had last seen over a decade ago.

We spoke about his beautiful baby daughter. “She’s lucky to have a Dad like you, I didn’t have mine growing up. If we hadn’t of lost touch then you might not have met her Mother and she wouldn’t be here” “Nothing happens by chance”

It got me thinking about the synchronicities or ‘meaningful coincidences’ of life.  If nothing happens by chance there must be a reason why I grew up without my Dad. Maybe I wouldn’t have searched for controlling father figures. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been abused by men or had such adverse experiences to overcome.

Although it seems absurd, I am grateful for the adversity as my past became a passage to the lessons I share as an inspirational speaker. Public speaking led me to writing and to the post you are reading now.

“If we believe our experiences are unrelated we become blind to the synchronicities of life.”

The family we are born in to, the people we meet and the situations we encounter as we move through life, form moments of synchronicity that even though seemingly unconnected are part of a clear picture.  They occur to help us transform our lives.

No matter what we have learnt so far, there is always more.  To reveal your destiny, think about the lessons in your life and look for the synchronicities.


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