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What must you believe before you can see it?

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.”
Ralph Hodgson

This week I learnt a lesson in awareness. After a household debate on ‘who’s turn is it to do the washing up?’, I was complaining to my friend on the phone ‘IF I DON’T TELL THESE CHILDREN WHAT TO DO, NOTHING GETS DONE IN THIS HOUSE!’ and as I heard my self say it I had to stop and catch my self. How long had I been saying that and was it even true? My daughters are actually really helpful.

I decided to replace my complaint with ‘My daughters are helpful and complete chores without being reminded’ It felt good. 🙂 I didn’t share my mini revelation with the girls and I fell asleep early that day.

When I woke up the housework had been done, I looked around noticing the little things that my children did, I had been taking this for granted. It is as though until I believed it I couldn’t see what had been there in front of me the whole time.

Sure they were less helpful when they were little but sometimes we get so caught up in the way things used to be that we are blind to the way things are.

It really made me think, What other untrue complaints do we make without realising? What else is hidden from our lives because we have yet to believe it?

If you are unsatisfied at work, in relationships, with money or anything else; ask yourself what must I believe before I see it??


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