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Is this why you attract less than the best?

“If you want to receive the best from others, you must accept the best in you”

With Valentines day this month, I’ve had a few event invites but listening to some single people, you’d forgive me for thinking there is no point in trying.

“women only want my friendship ” ,”women just want my money” , “men just want one thing”

We do a lot of talking about what’s lacking in other people but we skip past what we’re actually offering. We know we have to become like the person we wish to attract, or why else would they want us?;

but in addition, believing that people are attracted to you for one thing means you believe you only have one thing to offer..

Think about that.

“What you believe about yourself determines how you show yourself and people will always treat you the way you see you.”

You might find that you continually attract people looking for someone that offers just one thing, be it people that are healing and just want friendship, deceptive people that just want money or married people who want a fling.

Things wont change until you start to see yourself as someone who no longer offers one thing but has a long list of things to offer.

Today, write a list of your best qualities, get your loved ones to list good things about you and list the best qualities of people you admire, they reflect you too. A Johari Window is a great tool you can also use to help you discover the unseen part of your self.

On Valentines Day, read your list to remind yourself of the amazing all inclusive package that you are.


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